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Wuhan WiseCreate Universe Technology Co., Ltd is a Intellectual System service provider in the nation's leading status in the field.Committed to providing personalized intelligent solutions for public buildings, home, hotel;To help customers improve the comfortable experience, quickly and reasonable configuration, management, energy conservation. Our company works in close cooperation with Philips, Schneider and other international well-known manufacturers, And as the functions of the technical service center of foreign products in China about Philips intelligent lighting system and SchneiderECO & Building full line of products.

Main business scope

1、 Intelligent lighting system

With the development of computer technology, network technology and communication technology, the concept of intelligent building has gradually penetrated into our life.

  People have higher requirements about the building, in addition to the traditional demand, comfort, safety, efficiency, convenience, reliability and energy saving all Within the scope of considerations, which makes the smart control has become an inevitable trend

Intelligent lighting control system of lighting, air conditioning and shading of automatic monitoring function, to meet the needs of users of intelligent resource use and management, advanced hardware and software facilities for users and managers to provide a comfortable and pleasant living artistic conception and flexible and efficient office environment

 Two famous international brands: PHILPS / Schneider

 Three major systems platforms: KNX/C-Bus/DALI

2、 Building Automatic Control System ( BAS)

No building could be separated from energy consumption, whether it is small, medium or larger, energy expenditure could not avoidable

Fortunately, Schneider electric launch solutions for different sizes of commercial buildings, to help you maintain comfort and efficiency while reducing energy consumption

The best choice of management for one or more commercial buildings, to provide a full range of building management functions, so as to save money and improve work efficiency

Simple economy, easy to install and manage, the normal operation of the same time to accelerate the return on investment it’s the wise choice of Management of small and medium sized commercial buildings,


3Intelligent home& Building intercom system

Intelligent home makes seamless connection of a variety of technologies, provide the perfect control of lighting control, security, air conditioning, audio-visual equipment, media player, irrigation system, curtains and blinds, etc. Your family could enjoy the convenience of Technology of Intelligent home

You can turn on the air conditioner at home or at work, over the network you can check whether the appliances have been closed in the house

You can control electrical equipment in your house by default quick control or direct control at any time and any place, even if you are away on business

For some people, the luxury of home is only to add a gorgeous decoration, advanced appliances and high-end furnishings

However, for the owner who makes the smart choice of the intelligent house, luxury means using the latest control technology to improve person's lifestyle

Now, a little wisdom, you can arbitrary control electrical appliance in the house, enjoy the comfortable life


Scene, Lighting , Electric curtain, Air conditioning temperature, Mobile sensor

Power management, Electrical control, Energy management

Audio and video equipment, Remote control, Scene linkage

Security alarm, Family Surveillance, Ground with Heating System 

4CCTV  Video Surveillance System

Industrial grade server hardware and integrated command and control platform software, focusing on the service of rail transportation, national defense, public security, urban operation, enterprise operation management, distance education and health care and other fields


5 access control card system

Smart card system will be Synthesis and Optimization by advanced computer network technology of the local area network, communication technology, information technology, induction type IC card technology for synthesis and optimization, for the smart card system consists of the following subsystems.  

Ø  Access control management subsystem

Ø  Consumption management subsystem

Ø  Attendance management subsystem

Ø  Elevator management subsystem

Ø  Visitor management subsystem

Ø  Online patrol subsystem

6Premise Distribution System

Designed to provide robust and reliable structured cabling for data centers, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, government and educational institutions

In this way, the mode of connection is user-centric, the security is stable,

the function is powerful, elegant and easy to use 

7 Terminal equipment  

Complete HVAC system control solution


Electric seat valve

Ball Valve

Electric butterfly valve

Fan coil two way valve and temperature controller

Hydraulic balance control valve

Wind valve electric actuator 

Energy meter

                VAV controller  

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